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MS-Natural Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Win+E - Start explorer
  • Win+F - Finds Files or Folders
  • Ctrl+Win+F - Find computer
  • Win+M - Minimizes all windows
  • Shift+Win+M - Undo Minimize All
  • Win-R - Displays Run Dialog box
  • Win+Tab - Cycles through taskbar buttons
  • Win+Break - Displays System Properties


Windows Help F1
Go to menu mode F10
Switch active DOS program between full screen and window operation Alt+Enter
Save with a new name Alt+F+A
Quit current program Alt+F4
Print file in current program Alt+F+P
Minimize all windows Alt+M (when taskbar is selected)
Put the active window on the clipboard Alt+Print Screen
Control menu Alt+Spacebar
Minimize active window Alt+Spacebar+N
Reduce window size Alt+Spacebar+R
Enlarge window Alt+Spacebar+X
Switch among active programs on Taskbar Alt+Tab
Select all Ctrl+A
Reboot or end task Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Go to end of document Ctrl+End
Open the Start menu Ctrl+Esc
Go to beginning of document Ctrl+Home
Move forward through tabs in dialog box Ctrl+Tab
Close current and its parent folders Shift+File/Close
Bypass auto-run Shift while inserting CD
Selected Objects
Displays Properties dialog box Alt+Enter
Bold Ctrl+B
Copy Ctrl+C
Italics Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Paste Ctrl+V
Cut Ctrl+X
Displays an alternate context menu Ctrl+Right Click
Places in Recycle Bin Delete
Rename selected file F2
Delete immediately without putting in Recycle Bin Shift+Delete
Context menu for selected item Shift+F10
Managing Folders in explorer
Select all Ctrl+A
Find F3
Refresh F5
Switches between panes F6
Go to the parent folder Backspace
Go To Folder Ctrl+G
Undo Ctrl+Z
explorer Tree
Scroll without moving selection Ctrl+Arrow key
Expand everything under selection Num Lock+Asterisk (on numeric keypad)
Collapse selection Num Lock+Minus sign (on numeric keypad)
Expand selection Num Lock+Plus sign (on numeric keypad)
Expand current selection if it's collapsed, otherwise select first subfolder Right Arrow
Collapse current selection if it's expanded, otherwise select parent folder Left Arrow