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Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for word 97:
Worth download!

word Hears You!
Kurzweil VoiceCommands˘ software lets you format and edit word documents by using natural language spoken commands. You can "make the font bigger" just by saying so!
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Word PhoneBook
It lets you keep a database of names, addresses, and fax numbers to automate the process of writing letters, faxes, and envelopes in Word.
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Avery Wizard
Avery Wizard is a freeware add-in for Microsoft Word 97 that lets you format and print popular Avery laser and ink-jet labels, dividers, name badges, and tags
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Office Toys 98
Office Toys 98 enhances the Microsoft Word 8 word processor with additional toolbars and functionality to make your life at the keyboard easier. Its Office Navigator feature adds powerful file management to Word, with all functions available from the first five buttons on the Standard toolbar
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Get Artistic with Microsoft Draw 98
If you are diagramming in word 97 or making Web pages, this update to Microsoft Draw 97 will make your job easier. Microsoft Draw 98 makes the OfficeArt drawing tools available in any Office program.
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Extend Your Reach for Help
If you've ever wanted more information on Help topics, install the word 97 Weblinks Help file. It adds hyperlinks in many word Help topics to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, so more help is just a click away.
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The Avery Wizard Makes Labels Easy
With the Avery Wizard, you can be sure your text prints in the right place every time. It even suggests the correct font and alignment for each Avery product.
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Customer Invoice Template
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word Internet Lookup Template
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