P E D E S T R I A N & T R A F F I C N E E D S

This section focuses on the needs of the pedestrians and other users of the street. It provides a list of services that these users would expect from a street of today and/or one of the future. These services have been listed by their functions, and subdivided into various categories according to the kind of functions they perform and the kind of services they provide. Some of the services listed here are already addressed by today's existing streets, while others still have not been implemented. However, such services will make the streets of the future more useful and user friendly towards the pedestrian and other users.

Note that no specific mention has been made of any kind of facilities that provide these services. The services have been listed by their functions. For example, in the list, one of the needs is that people need to know about parking regulations, however no mention is made of parking signs. This is done so as not to constrict our views to traditional solutions. Listing them by function helps to focus on the needs of the pedestrian and users and in this way, there is a possibility that these needs can be addressed in a more efficient manner than they are dealt with today.

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