This Exhibition Was Created By
Jean Le Mee, Curator
Tori Egherman and Nikki Moser, Associate Curators
James Best and Karl Llewellyn, Designers, Exhibition Graphics
Ellen Lupton, Director of Publications, Exhibition Text Manager
Gus Block and Robert Dickey, Construction Managers
Edip Agi, Installation Manager
Cara DiEdwardo, Circus Poster
Kamran Ashtary and Lisa Shafir, Photographic Production
Anne Agars, Denise Fasanello, Lawrence Mirsky, and Angela Wildman, Key Grips
Rochelle Dreyfuss, Curatorial Consultant, Patent Law
William Lai, Researcher

Lenders To The Exhibition
The Cliff Peterson Collection
The Anacostia Museum
Army Medical Historical Society
Burndy Library
Stanley B. Burns, M.D. and The Burns Archive
Denver Public Archive
Hagley Museum and Library
Chuck Hoberman
Invent America Foundation
The Robert Kwalwasser Collection
Ed Lam
Library of Congress
Maytag Corporation
National Archives
National Museum of Health and Medicine
Joseph Newman
The New Orleans Historical Society
State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Xerox Corporation

Special Thanks To

Ron Adner
Edmund Andrews
Eleanor Baum
Gail Belmuth
Peter G. Buckley
Akinsheye Brown
Daniel Carver
Carolyn Cannon
Steve Cormier
Beverly Cutten
Aurora Diamond
Sarah Dunham
Theodora Early
Michael Ebert
Linda Farber
Joshua Feinstein
Tina Fong
Alexander Gavrilov
Day Gleeson
Andrew Emil Harasty
William Herbert
Marilyn Hoffner
Isabelle Hyman
John Jay Iselin
Michael Josefowitz
Pat Keeffe
Jackie Kessler
Saul Holtham

Rebecca La Rue
Julian Laverdiere
Morgan Lewis
Arthur Lucchesi
Judith Lyczko
Roger McHayle
Robert Merges
J. Abbott Miller
Charles Nix
David Nodelman
Steve Novak
Thomas Penn
Jeff Peter
Judy Pfaff
Anthony Pierce
Steve Pincus
Allen Pu
Gil Reich
Jan Rosenberg
George Sadek
Jessica Sarlin
Fred Siegel
Dennis Thomas
Richard Turner
Ulla Volk
Beverly Wilson
Alan Wolf
Rosemary Wright




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