Web Bots

Training remote robotic controllers of tomorrow
Robots in modern technology are common. They are used everywhere from controlled factory environments to strange and hostile lands that are unsuitable for exploration by man.
The only problem is the sheer expense of the robots involved in the process. Since we can only afford one robot, we have to make it redundant enough to run with a failure rate under .00001%. We don't go to Mars every year, so we need every mission to work perfectly. This drives up the cost of the robot significantly. Redundant systems and error checking add a lot of money. We also can't take any risks with the bot, and have to be careful while driving it. If it is tipped by an unseen rock in the path, it could be the end of the mission.
Enter the disposable robot. The disposable robot can be packed on a mission by the dozen. If one is downed due to failure, then there are tens of other robots ready to take over its duties. If it falls over, another robot can right that robot and they can both go on with the mission.
The diposable robot is old technology, however. Our role is to train the operator and evaluate a robot for a mission.
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