christine w park


What can be "seen" on video or film, or by a computer is very different from what is seen by the human eye. Watching engineering students at the Cooper Union, I was very much inspired by all of the different programs, equipment, and technologies used for robots to navigate places and situations. In a way, different artistic media allow people to see many different perspectives of the same place and situation.


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Hue Shift is a digital media augmented performance. Utlizing video, real-time video editing, and performance. The play, King Lear by William Shakespeare and the film Ran, by Akira Kurosawa are performed and screened, collaged together using real time mixers.



The story of King Lear is the tragic story of sight, insight, blindness, and self-delusion. Collaging together the film adaptation by Akira Kurosawa, and a live performance utilizes digital media to heighten the sensation of fiction, fantasy, reality, and illusions. Like a hall of mirrors, the reflections between film and performance, between real life and art, between poetry and real life wisdoms become indiscernible one from the next.