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Albert Nerken School of Engineering
Experiment No. 8 - Direct Shear Test On Cohesionless Soils


Group No.:

Location: Depth: Horizon:
Boring: Elevation: Agronomic Name:
Geological Region: Sample:


Dr = ((1/gd min - 1/gd nat)/(1/gd min - 1/gd max))*100%

gd min= the loose, or minimum, dry unit weight (0 % Dr), in pcf

gd max= the dense, or maximum, dry unit weight (100 % Dr), in pcf

gd nat= the natural, or compacted, dry unit weight, in pcf

Table 1 [Data Sheet (A)]: Sample Preparation Data

Determination Number: 1 2 3
Weight Determination
Weight of Container & Soil Before (g):
Weight of Container & Soil After (g):
Weight of Dry Soil Sample (g):
Thickness Determination
Reading on Gage, R1 (in.):
Reading in Soil Sample, R2 (in.):
R2 - R1 (in.):
Thickness of Gage (in.):
Thickness of Soil Sample (in.):
Dimensions and Unit Weight of Sample
Area of Soil Sample, (in2):
Volume of Soil Sample, (in3):
Dry Unit Weight of Sample (pcf.):
Max. Dry Unit Weight of Soil (pcf.):
Min. Dry Unit Weight of Soil (pcf.):
Relative Density, Dr (%):
Specific Gravity, Gs:
Void Ratio of Sample, e:
Porosity of Sample, n (%):


Table 2 [Data Sheet (B)]: Run Data

Determination No:
Shear Deformation Rate: in/min
Normal Load: psf.   lbs.   kg.    (Select the units you have,  the others will be calculated)
Normal Stress: tsf.
Load Ring Calibration
Load Ring No.:


     Shear Deformation     (in. * 10-3)

     Vertical Deformation     (in. * 10-4)

Load Ring Dial (in.) Shear Force (lbs.) Shear Stress (psf.)



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