Leadership and Women in Engineering Program Workshop

To facilitate replication of the program on other campuses, two one-hour films were produced with the collaboration of Outward Bound. The first film depicts 11 initiatives, customized to engineering needs and issues, and the second film depicts facilitating techniques used in presenting these initiatives.

In each film, no actors were used, only actual Cooper Union faculty and students. While the sound is not the best at times, due to many and varied locations and to changing equipment, we believe the films provide excellent teaching tools for transferring Cooper Union’s work with Outward Bound, in the area of initiatives, to other campuses. In fact, the initiatives require no special equipment or resources and can be conducted indoors or outdoors at any school.

The following links provide access to clips from these films:

Introduction to Initiatives [Real Media file] [6.8 MB]
Initiatives part 1 [Real Media file] [49 MB]
Initiatives part 2 [Real Media file] [43 MB]

In addition, the films depict the seriousness with which both Cooper Union and Outward Bound have undertaken this collaboration. The accompanying materials, a nicely boxed set of manuals, tee-shirt, book, and videos, provide a good beginning teaching tool for the introduction of experiential learning at engineering schools nationwide.


Click here to download the PDF of "Enhancing Engineering through Experiential Learning," a manual produced at the Cooper Union to accompany the films mentioned above.

Portions of "Reflections on Design Principles" and "Indoor/Outdoor Team-Building for Trainers" were distributed to workshop participants. Their bibliographic information follows:

• Cousins, Emily. Reflections on Design Principles. USA: Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, 1998.

• Snow, Harrison. Indoor/Outdoor Team-Building Games for Trainers. NY: McGraw Hill.