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Freshman/Sophomore Experience

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1. Experimental Measurements- A method to introduce Freshman To Engineering
Contact Name: Angelo Perna Organization:New Jersey Institute of Technology

A concern of engineering educators has been why students lose motivation for engineering as a course of studies in or after their first year of study.  Some feedback indicates that students do not get a feel for the integrated course of study and its relationship to engineering and also they have no feel for activities engineers undertake in their task functions. In an attempt to address these student concerns we at the New Jersey Institute of Technology developed a series of discipline based modules of seven (7) weeks length, each meeting of one and a half (1-1/2) hours twice (2) a week.  These modules integrate theory/design/experimental exposure in each course in order to enrich the students' learning experience and reduce dropout numbers. Results of student evaluations indicate the chemical engineering measurement based module has been highly successful in achieving these goals. The approach of this module integrates the introduction of experimental measurements in a theoretical sense with actual measurements on pilot plant sized equipment in the areas of fluid (air and liquid) flow rates, flow in packed towers, flow through pipes and fittings, efflux time from tanks, and fluidization. Students are required to write reports and give oral presentations on their experimental undertakings.

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Experimental Measurements

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