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Materials Engineering

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1. Solid State Materials
Contact Name: Fred Fontaine Organization:The Cooper Union

This is a senior level course on electromagnetics for electrical engineers. About six weeks out of fifteen are devoted to materials and material properties. Specifically, portions of modules 3, 4, 5 are covered with the class, with some topics from the first two modules on an as-needed basis. The course requires a junior level engineering electromagnetics course as a prerequisite, which covers time-varying electromagnetics fields, and specifically plane waves and transmission lines. The first half of the second course covers guided and radiated waves, and modeling and measurement of circuits at high frequencies. The second half of the course introduces microwave and optical systems and devices with applications; materials and material properties are produced. Thus, ferrites are described with the intention of presenting isolators and circulators; nonlinear and anisotropic optics are discussed to present electro-optic applications; and optical fibers, lasers and photodiodes are discussed to present optical fiber communication systems. This course is intended as a first course in materials science, but from the perspective of electrical and optical properties of materials rather than mechanical properties. It can be offered as an elective to all engineering students, electrical as well as mechanical, civil, or chemical engineering.

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