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1. Introduction to Engineering for High Schools
Contact Name: Audeen Fentiman Organization:Ohio State University

The successful introduction of engineering at a significant level into the freshman year has led some institutions to develop a pre-college version in support of their area high schools. The courses include both laboratory activities and instruction on basic skills. The set of presentations below, developed by Ohio State University College of Engineering from their Gateway freshman program, provide three levels of material including voice narrative.

The one-hour presentation serves to make the audience aware of the existence of a high school level Introduction to Engineering course. The four-hour workshop provides a overview of the content of the course, a description of four hands-on activities to try that are similar to those the high school students would do, and finally some of the nuts and bolts of running the Introduction to Engineering course at a high school – equipment needed and costs. The goal of this workshop is to give the high school teachers and administrators enough information to allow them to decide whether or not they would like to begin offering Introduction to Engineering in their schools.

The four-day workshop provides the teacher with specific course materials to be better prepared to teach high schools students the Introduction of Engineering course. The material includes the structure of the curriculum, which includes both laboratory activities and instruction on basic skills. This is followed with course content for the first and second semester, including a discussion of how the basic skills and laboratory work are integrated.

For greater detail of instructional materials including detailed syllabus, basics presentations and handouts, laboratory presentations and handouts, homework assignments and answer keys, exams and solutions the viewer should proceed to the “High School Introduction to Engineering” project on this web site.

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1 Hour Workshop
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4 Hour Workshop
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4 Day Workshop

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