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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

There are 12 projects in this section.
1. Columbia’s Web Based Course Evaluation Presentation
 Description:This presentation provides an overview of Columbia’s web-based course evaluation system that has been developed to support outcome-based ass
2. Comprehensive Assessment Process for Engineering Education
 Description:Strategies for developing, implementing, and institutionalizing a comprehensive assessment process for engineering education test.
3. Course-Level Assessment
 Description:This general workshop provides information on course-level assessment practices, many of which have been applied within the Gateway institut
4. Developing Competency-Based Surveys
 Description:Developing competency-based surveys to provide students with developmental feedback on ABET 2000 learning outcomes.
5. Evaluation of the Impact of Multi-Educational Methods in an
Environmental Engineering Class (ASEE paper)

 Description:In this present paper, we present a particular implementation to the introductory environmental engineering class and the conclusions from t
6. Faculty-Industry Collaborations
 Description:This 1999 AAHE presentation describes a research study investigating the degree that faculty and industry collaborate in the assessment of s
7. Measuring Culture Change in Engineering Education
 Description:Based on the experience of the seven institution members of the Gateway Coalition for Engineering Education, this presentation, given at ASE
8. Multisource Assessment
 Description:This 2000 FIE presentation describes updated research on the use of self and peer assessment methods to measure student learning in the clas
9. Polytechnic Data Warehousing
 Description:This FIE presentation explores Polytechnic’s use of data warehousing as a method to manage assessment data from multiple sources and provide
10. Special Cross-Coalition Session on Faculty Impact
 Description:A special cross-coalitions session describes the impact that the NSF Coalitions have had had engineering faculty. The presentation explores
11. Technology-Mediated Assessment
 Description:Descriptions of specific technology enhanced assessment tools are presented including Drexel’s Course Evaluation System, Ohio State’s use of
12. The Assessment Process at Cooper: Strategies used and lessons learned
 Description:Our goal is to provide a foundation in assessment processes, particularly as developed in small engineering schools, where close interaction

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