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There are 34 projects in this section.
1. 2002 Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference Proceedings
 Description:During the past five years, NJIT has hosted an annual Regional Conference on Innovations in Teaching and Learning. This conference brings t
2. Active Learning Workshop
 Description:This 20-Page pdf outlines a workshop given in partnership with the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning on "Active Learning"
3. ASEE Paper: FED Comparative Study
 Description:NJIT's Office of Institutional Planning and Research undertook a study of the performance of students who took this new course sequence.  Th
4. Assessing Success: Female Engineers at the Cooper Union
 Description:At the Cooper Union School of Engineering, female students account for about thirty-five percent of the student population. This figure has
5. Assessment & Continuous Improvement in Undergraduate Education
 Description:This presentation given at FIE 1997. The presentation complements the paper published in the proceedings (see PAPERS). The focus is on key
6. Comparison of Engineering Graphics and Engineering Design:
An Outcome Study

 Description:This paper presents the results of a comparision between a traditional engineering graphics course and a more current engineering design cou
7. Developing An Assessment Plan
 Description:The first two presentations were given at the Assessment Conference conducted at Rose-Hulman in the Spring of 1997. The first presentation
8. Developing collaborative learning strategies for large classes
 Description:This 5-page pdf features a project plan for developing and implementing "Collaborative learning" in a large general chemistry course at Colu
9. Development Program Review
 Description:The following paper is published in the FIE 1997 Conference Proceedings. A Revised Version will be published in the Journal of Engineering
10. Distance Learning Instruction paper
 Description:This paper presents the results of an analysis of the performance of two groups of computer engineering students who enrolled in a course in
11. ELA Workshop
 Description:The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) developed a new retention initiative called the Educational Learning Assistant (ELA) Program. 
12. Electricity and magnetism
 Description:Outreach to K-12 students is an important factor in increasing interest in engineering education. Through it work with the Gateway Engineer
13. Engineering Writing and Professional Communications Centers-WorkShops
 Description:This Proceedings contains papers, summaries of breakout group discussions, and group presentations from a Workshop on Engineering Writing an
14. FED Poster
 Description:The Fundamentals of Engineering Design course sequence, introduced at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and developed with support from
15. Freshman Engineering Conference
 Description:Ohio State conducted an all day conference on freshman engineering in April 2001. Provided is the day's agenda with links to the key present
16. Gateway Workshop Materials for Teaching Concurrent Design
 Description:CD contains material presented at workshop plus 12 tutorials on use of equipment, and course modules on 17 related topics. Workshop presen
17. Giving Meaning to Design Data Using XML
 Description:This study used a new emerging standard called Extensible Markup Language or XML, to mark up design data transferred and displayed on the we
18. Instruction to Web Based Instructional Design
 Description:This 24-Page pdf Outlines a workshop given in partnership with the columbia Center For New Media Teaching and Learning on "Large Class IT St
19. IT Suvey-Best Practices-Critical Review-Final Report
 Description:Results from a survey of educational IT applications evaluated against certain Gateway educational goals. This 30-Page pdf document includes
20. ITL 2001 Proceedings
 Description:During the past five years, NJIT has hosted an annual Regional Conference on Innovations in Teaching and Learning. This conference brings t
21. ITL Conference Poster
 Description:With support from the Gateway Engineering Education Coalition, the New Jersey Institute of Technology has instituted an annual 1-day confer
22. Large Class IT Strategies workshop
 Description:This 19-Page pdf outlines a workshop given in partnership with the columbia center for New teaching and Learning on "Large Class IT Strategi
23. Longitudinal Student Tracking
 Description:This is a preliminary report on the longitudinal tracking carried out at the Cooper Union. The work on tracking started in the Spring of 199
24. Making Articulation Work - The HCCC-NJIT Relationship
 Description:New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has articulation agreements with nineteen (19) county and community colleges in New Jersey which e
25. Peer Review Paper
 Description:This presentation, also given at Rose-Hulman, describes a case study on the use of a peer review process to support student development of
26. Proceedings of a symposium on "Shaping The Future"
 Description:Proceedings of an NSF sponsored one-day symposium with presentations of the urban perspective regarding expectations for undergraduate educa
27. Proceedings of the first Annual Gateway Conference
 Description:Proceedings of a Conference and Exposition held in Philadelphia, PA at which almost 50 Gateway Coalition faculty members demonstrated their
28. Realizing the New Paradigm For Engineering Education-
Conference Proceedings

 Description:This book presents the written record of a June 3-6, 1998 conference that provided a forum for a variety of academic experiences with substa
29. Summer Programs-2002
 Description:As part of its outreach efforts to K-12 instructors, NJIT has run 1- and 2-week short courses for middle and high school teachers to introdu
30. Technology-Mediated Assessment Workshop
 Description:The reform movement in engineering education is providing several lessons in culture change within the academic setting. From the developmen
31. The Cooper Union Assessment Papers, 1999-2002
 Description:The papers included in this volume provide an overview of the assessment work developed at Cooper during the past few years by various engin
32. The Editor’s Page from the Journal of Engineering Education:
January 1993 to January 1996, July 1997, and January 1999

 Description:The Editor's Page of the Journal of Engineering Education serves as a commentary about current and/or continuing issues in engineering educa
33. The Story of Gateway
 Description:The Story of Gateway summarizes the Cooper Union's participation in the Gateway Coalition during its first 8 years, details Cooper Union's m
34. UPADI Presentation
 Description:Presentation to the XXII Pan American Congress on Engineering Education; Mexico City, 23 September 2004

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