Dimension of Each Tank

After you get overflow rate SORp , and detention time DT from last page, you can calculate the area required and length of the tank.

Example: Qp = 10 mgd, peak hourly factor Qp/QA = 2.0, select two tanks.

L,W--ft, Qp--gallon/day, SOR--gallon/ft2.day

Select W=25 ft (L:W=1.1~7.5:1)

Your practice: input the variables you choose in the dialog box to get the design parameters.

Qp(gal/day): SORp(gal/ft2.day):
Number of Tanks:


Input Area and select width(W) from Horizontal Flow Clarifier

Area(ft2): W(ft):

L(ft) L:W

If L:W is not in the specified range(Horizontal Flow Clarifier), recalculate.

Check the SOR at QA,d

This is within the standard.

QA,d(gal/day): Area(ft2):

Number of Tanks:


If the SORA is not in the specified range(Design Factors), recalculate.

Calculate the depth of the tank

Which is greater than 7.0 ft, so the design is good.

SORA,d(gal/ft2.day): DT(hr):


Check depth(d) and L:d (Horizontal Flow Clarifier), If they are not in the range, recalculate.

Free board=3 ft >12 inches (Wind current causes a wave on tank surface and inhabit scum removal)

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