Although the students designs are entirely conceptual, they are taken very seriously. Every semester the top designs from the course's almost 200 students are chosen by the instructors and presented to professional toy makers. From the presentations the toy makers may even decide to pitch the students' ideas to toy manufacturers and the toy design could become a reality. Take a look below at some of the past years best.

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Sid The Squid Sid The Squid
Intellitrain Intellitrain
Room-com Room-com
Grand Tour Racing Grand Tour Racing
The Tsunami -- Water Balloon Mortar The Tsunami
8 Ball: Interactive Pool 8 Ball: Interactive Pool
The Road Trip Buddy The Road Trip Buddy
Interactive Silverware Interactive Silverware
Ding-Dong Ding Dong
SamuraiBot 3 in One
Coach Baseball
Amazing Auto Chase 2 in One
The Puzzle Master
Laser Warrior 3 in One
The Interactive Action Vehicle 3 in One
Freddy Football
The Forgetable Mr. Basso 2 in One
The Interactive Wrestler
My Mynah 3 in One
Georgraphy George
Polly Parrot