My Mynah

My Mynah
   My Mynah is the ultimate pet for anyone! You can give the bird a name of your choice, and it will repond to you everytime. The toy has more than 100 vocabularies, including three songs and a lot of funny phrases. It will move around on the floor, stretch its wings, and talk talk talk! If it is happy, it will play hide-and-seek, if it is upset, it will go to sleep! The toy will learn up to 55 minutes of new phrases and songs. Teach the toy any song you like, and it will sing it for you. You can record your own name, and the toy will follow you around. You can also ask for the time, and the mynah bird will give you an immediate answer. Not only that, you can wake up every morning with its sweet songs. Get another mynah bird, and you can hear them converse freely! (Price: $49.99)

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