Talking and Singing
       My Mynah is programmed with approximately thirty basic phrases, such as "hello," "good morning," "good afternoon," "how are ya," "bye-bye," "I'm a mynah bird," "what's going on here," and "nighty night." The toy also includes three pre-programmed songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. The toy will talk and sing randomly and greet the user with appropriate greetings. When the toy sees no movement, it will become silent and switch to sleep mode.
Singing Mynah

Teaching and Learning

Learning a New Phrase

       My Mynah will learn new phrases just like a child. If it hears a certain phrase repeatedly, it will learn on its own and store the phrase in its memory. If the "owner" is set, it will only recognize the voice of the owner and learn from the owner. Just like any other pre-programmed phrases, the new phrases will be part of the toy's word bank, and the toy will randomly use the new phrases in its conversation.

Teaching a New Song

       To teach a new song or a phrase to the toy, the user must first set the owner (see Quickstart to set the owner). The toy will record only the voice identified as the owner's voice. To begin recording, press the function (white) button once. The LCD screen will display "RECORD," and the time will change to 00:00. Press the function button again to start recording. The LCD screen will display the time recorded. When the song is finished, press the function button again. The LCD screen will return to its original display.

Original display Function button Recrod display

Mood Changes

       If My Mynah is neglected continuously, the toy will switch from a happy mood to an angry mood. When the toy is in an angry mood, it will show its anger by repeating phrases such as "what's going on here," "hey there," and "listen to meeee." If neglected for a longer period of time, the toy will go into a sleep mode. The toy can also change from an angry mood to a happy mood when the user talks back to the toy.

Communicating With Other Mynahs
       One of the unique features of the toy allows My Mynah to talk with other mynahs. The infrared sensor in their chest detects other toys. They will communicate with each other using new and pre-programmed phrases.
Mynahs Communicating

Voice Samples

Play icon

"I'm a Mynah bird!"
Play icon "What's going on here?"
Play icon "Nighty Night!"
Play icon "Close the door!"

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