Hide & Seek

Where's My Mynah?
       One way you can play hide-and-seek with the toy is by letting another user hide the toy. Press and hold the function (white) button. The LCD screen will display "...zzz." The toy will remain silently hidden until the owner calls its name. The toy will then call out, "hint, hint." When the toy is found, the toy will go back to its original mode. Where's My Mynah?

Where's My Owner?
       A more interesting way to play is by letting the toy search for the owner. Press and hold the function button until the LCD screen displays "...zzz." Press the function button again. The owner will have 20 seconds to hide in a place where there is a clear path between the toy and the user. The toy will begin to move around in search for the owner after 20 seconds. The owner must give hints by calling out. This will allow the toy to identify the voice and look for any motion. Once the toy identifies the owner's voice and movement, the toy will say, "gotcha!" The toy will automatically go back to its original mode once the owner is found. Where's My Mynah?

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