Two speakers are located in the walls of the stadium so that the user will be able to hear Coach Baseball's voice as well as the fans. In addition, Coach Baseball has a voice chip to enhance the quality of sound produced by the speakers.
The bat also has components hidden within, including an accleration sensor, 4 infared emitters, and one infared receiver, which send information about the user's swing to Coach Baseball and receive his feedback. In addition, there are 3 rumble motors within the bat that will not only tell the user if he/she hit the ball, but also how solid the hit is. If the hit is more solid, then the rumble packs will vibrate more vigorously.
Coach Baseball, the pitcher, will have 1 infared emitter, 1 infared receiver, and a computational processor within his body. These components will enable him to receive information about the user's swing from the bat and interpret it so he can give the user feedback about his/her swing.