--12.07.00-- FINAL MEMO

          Well, this is the last memo for Interactive Wrestler! The web presentation is coming along nicely; all that's left is to finish the HTML tour, which will basically be a storyboard with multiple pages. The page has taken a long time to make, but I think it's looking good so far. For the design, I used Paint Shop Pro 7 by JASC Software, which is a great tool. This page was made by splitting up a large image into smaller ones and creating a table, and the rollovers were made with the very little Javascript that I actually know.
          As for the modeling part, it's coming along slowly, mainly because I have focused on the webpage for the past week. Now that the presentation is almost out of the way, the next week can be used solely for Maya. The only difficulty that I see coming is that I will have to model a human body so that the apparatus of Interactive Wrestler can be seen worn by someone, not just laying on the floor. I also plan to use transparence to show movement in the "Basic Moves" portion of the tour. I'm expecting that it is just going to be time-consuming because of rendering.
          With regards to the engineering design course, I feel that it has been a very valuable experience. It has not only been enlightening, but also the most fun I've ever had in a class. I enjoyed using the Maya modeling program, although at times it can be frustrating... The availability of computers in the lab has been exceptional thus far, but I do foresee having difficulties in the coming week. Overall, the course has been great and I hope to take the next level of design next year. Hopefully, we can get a JavaScript and web design course going too! Taking E1102 has been rewarding and a pleasure. Enjoy Interactive Wrestler!