David Schneider - E1102's awesome instructor.
Alex Haubold - The Botwinick Gateway Lab's administrator.
Jack Bao - One of my best buddies who gave me a whole lot of "constructive criticism" (a.k.a. "Dang yo, that animated GIF is just annoying!")
Jesse Coffino-Greenberg - the proprietor of sweet aromas and delicious fragrances throughout Wallach 4B. Also my roommate and buddy.
Jon DuBois - My younger brother, who I am very proud of. He has just been ordained as a minister for the Universal Life Church, giving him the ability to perform all the religious rites, except for circumcision.
Jeff Shreve - My good friend who very intensely observed the progress of Interactive Wrestler (and my gaming when I needed a break from work).
So Onishi - my suitemate and friend who gave some great response to the site.
Maria and Ray DuBois - My wonderful parents who are yet to see this site. Hi Mom and Dad.