Voice Commands
Remote Control
Final Memo
Special Thanks

The final process of developing the Maya model and the website for my toy, The Interactive Action Vehicle, has been a very rewarding and yet challenging experience. The key part of the project was certainly the modeling and it required a great deal of creative thinking, as I brought my ideas to life in depicting my vision of the interactive toy. Creating the website was an enchanting design task as well, as I had to organize the available information in making it most appealing to a viewer. This require separating several key functions of the toy into different sections of the website. I believe the most important part of the presentation would certainly be the images, as they are more captivating to the eye than plain text. Thus I included many renditions of my toy and its parts and used them in explanation of the toy's features.

If I were to develop this project in reality, my next step would be to develop a detailed scheme for electronics behind the toy, its precise cost, and the "unlimited" components that are used (i.e. plastic.) While there are many toy cars on the market, I believe mine is unique in a sense that it provides true voice control functionality to the user along with an innovative design and a variety of neat features (such as functional headlights and doors.) I would truly be flattered if my toy became a reality and was put on the market, as I believe it would be a great success among children and adults of all ages.

I greatly enjoyed taking E1102: Introduction To Engineering Design as it provided me with priceless knowledge of various engineering concepts, from the actual design processes to ethics and teamwork. In other words, the class was fun while also being exceptionally high in learning value. Thank you!

Following is the finalized list of special components necessary for my interactive toy:

Speakers 200
Voice Chip 50
Voice Recorder 250
Voice Identification 500
Computational Processor 500
LCD Screen (Pixel) 400
Radio Control 400
Memory Storage 500
Small Servo Motors x 4 100
Complex Mechanics 50
Approximate Total 3250