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Below you will find the storyboard for my original toy idea, the Interactive Action Helicopter. I have utilized all features of this toy idea, except the flying ability, in creating the concept for my actual toy.

Interactive Action Helicopter

The Interactive Action Helicopter is the newest innovative toy that features true three-dimensional movement and voice recognition. Through commands issued using your voice or using the remote control, the helicopter could be launched into the air, landed, and moved in four directions. But that's not all -- the helicopter could be programmed to carry out a series of movements, with up to four such programs being possible. To provide a true interactive medium of communication, the helicopter always keeps rapport with you through spoken voice in the headset and indicators on the remote control's LCD screen. We hope you enjoy this new toy from B.G.L., Inc.!

First-Time Setup

To properly recognize your voice, the helicopter has to be trained by you. For such training, you are asked to pronounce the basic commands needed to operate the helicopter. Once the training process is complete, you can immediately start operating the toy. Be sure to speak in a clear, normal voice so that the helicopter can recognize you in the future. Pressing the Power button for five seconds initiates the training procedure. On all further uses, be sure to simply tap the Power button.

Operating The Helicopter

Operating the helicopter involves issuing commands using your voice or the remote control buttons. The available functions are: Up, Down, Forward, Back, Left, Right, Turn lights on and off, and Hide/open wheels. The helicopter voice coming from the headset, as well as the LCD screen, will confirm your commands as you issue them. Virtually any combinations of these commands can be used for a truly interactive playing experience.

Programming The Helicopter

The interactive helicopter comes equipped with on-board memory and programming features to enable you to conveniently store multiple actions and execute them later. By following the steps below, you are can program up to four distinct missions for your helicopter. The helicopter voice coming from the headset, as well as the LCD screen, will confirm your actions as you record them.

Executing A Program

Once you have recorded a mission, you can execute it by carrying out the steps below. In addition to performing the given tasks, the helicopter voice and the LCD screen will announce the actions as they are executed. You can use the Stop feature to stop a mission prior to its completion.

Powering Down

When you have finished playing with the helicopter, be sure to power it down to conserve energy. Note that powering down will not erase your stored missions, as well as voice settings, since these remain stored in the on-board memory.

Parts Used

Following is a preliminary list of special parts being utilized in this interactive toy.

Speakers 200
Voice Chip 50
Voice Recorder 250
Voice Identification 500
Computational Processor 500
LCD Screen (Pixel) 400
Radio Control 400
Memory Storage 500
Small Servo Motors 100
Complex Mechanics 50
Approximate Total 2950