Link Play

IR Linkup
Each SamuraiBot contains an IR transmitter and receiver embedded behind its eyes. The first user enters "Battle Mode" using the buttons and LCD screen. The first SamuraiBot sends a link signal to the second (note: IR receivers are always on while SamuraiBot is powered up). A "virtual battle" ensues, where the winner is the SamuraiBot with the highest combination of strength and experience.


Training Mode
(See Solo Play for more information.) Each SamuraiBot is factory programmed with a certain level of "strength" (unchanging) and zero experience. The SamuraiBots with a lower level of strength, however, will have a higher learning aptitude. That is, a SamuariBot with a relatively low strength will have a greater increase in experience for each activity than a SamuraiBot with a relatively high level of strength. This is meant to balance the effect that strength will have in a battle.

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