Solo Play
When no one else is around, SamuraiBot can make any place a fun place!  SamuraiBot will react to the way you move him around, and he will tell you when he needs some more action!  SamuraiBot knows when you put his sword in his hand, and you can see it light up with energy!  You can also play 3 fun games on SamuraiBot's LCD screen, which help build up SamuraiBot's fighting abilities. Click "Solo Play" above for more information.


Link Play
SamuraiBot is a great toy when you're by yourself, but the fun really starts when you link up with a buddy.  The two SamuraiBots fight it out on a Virtual Battlefield, and only one emerges victorious!  Make sure to train your SamuraiBot, and perhaps you will have the upper hand in your next battle. Click "Link Play" above for more information.

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