Final Memo

SamuraiBot could be a great toy for a market that has been, in my opinion, overlooked by many toy manufacturers - young boys. There are interactive Sesame Street toys for toddlers and interactive dolls for young girls, but there aren't really any similar toys for young boys in the $50 price range. The next step in the design process for this particular toy would be to actually figure out how to fit all of the electronics and sensors into the body, as well as to program the firmware for the onboard games. Budget concerns might come into play with this aspect of the toy, such as the size of the LCD screen and complexity of the games. The actual physical design of the toy may have to be tweaked as well to allow for realistic motion of the arms and legs.

I would have to say that this has been my favortite class this semester. I have played around with some 3D modeling programs before, but it was great to have comprehensive instruction and help in the lab. Because of this course, I have registered for E1115 Engineering Design next semester. I would like to say a big thank you to Dave, Luis, and all of the lab staff.

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