Storyboard Design Assignment

(due Week 3)
Click here for a Storyboard Example

The goal of this assignment is to learn to develop storyboards. Since construction of toy prototypes is outside of the scope of this class, storyboards will be used throughout the development stage of your concept as well as for the final project presentation. At first, these will be hand-drawn on sheets of paper; final presentations will be done in HTML.

The main goal of a storyboard is to convey a design concept quickly and effectively. The plot of the game should be easy to follow; the whole presentation should not take more than a minute to absorb. Therefore, as much information as possible should be conveyed through images rather than text.

Below is an example of a hand-drawn storyboard. At the top, we have a sketch of the hardware along with a paragraph of text outlining the plot of the game. Below a series of captioned screenshots shows details of the game. Note that there is not a particular number of screenshots that is recommended. Use your judgement to figure out how many you need for a brief yet sufficiently detailed storyboard.