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Week #8 Week #9 Week #10 Week #11 Week #12 Week #13
Important On-line Material

Week 1In-Class:
  • Purpose of the Class
  • Review of the Syllabus
  • Introduction of the Final Project
  • Introduction to UNIX
  • Read 'Gateway Lab Policies', 'Browsing the Web' and 'Dave's Highly Abbreviated UNIX Guide'
  • Make sure you have completed both forms at the beginning of class.
  • Search the web for current Interactive Toy Designs and make bookmarks for 4-5 toys.
  • Print out and Come to class with 'Dave's Amazing HTML Cheat Sheet'
Week 2In-Class:
  • Introduction to HTML
    • Web Page Requirements and Text Basics
    • Inserting Images
    • Making Links
    • BODY and HEAD Attributes
  • Design Storyboarding
  • Create a Storyboard for an existing Interactive Toy that was either one of those demonstrated in class, one that you can bring in, or one that their is enough information about on-line or in an article to make a storyboard from.
    Bring your storyboard and toy "research" to class. Be prepared to hand in your storyboard.
  • Create an index.html page. This can be a personal page for just you but we ask that you maintain this page to include links to your on-line homework solutions.
Week 3In-Class:
  • Complete the HTML section of the course
    • Tables
    • Frames
    • Image Maps
    • Special Characters
  • Formal Announcement of the Final Project
    • Request for Proposals
    • Design Limitations
    • Cost Analysis in Design
    • Memo Writing, a.k.a. Intro to Technical Writing
  • To be checked in class: In your web site named assgn3.html show at least:
    • A table with at least three rows and three columns and two cells of unique sizes.
    • An aligned image
    • A working version of frames.
      • Links in one frame that changes the displayed page in another frame
      • Links that get the user out of your frames completely and into another page in the WWW.
    • An image map with at least one working hotspot
  • Begin to research already existing Interactive Toys either on-line or at toy stores.
    • Examine 3-5 toys.
    • In your web page assgn3.html include a 3-5 sentence paragraph for 3 of the toys discussing the major pros and cons of the toy.(i.e. one paragraph per toy)
    • Please make sure that your web page has been transferred correctly by checking your web page on-line with Netscape at:
  • Bookmark and skim Taking Screenshots using Media Recorder
  • Print out and Come to class with 'Dave's Phenomenal Maya Cheat Sheet'
    • 'The Simplified Menu Guide'
    • 'The Seven Default Menus'
    • 'The Basic Panel Menus'
Week 4In-Class:
  • Welcome to Maya: 'The Seven Default Menus' & 'The Basic Panel Menus'
    • Creating Objects
    • Basic Object and Component Transformations
    • Camera Movements
    • Display and View options
    • Available Panels
    • Hierarchies
  • Taking Snapshots using Media Recorder
  • Using those techniques described in class, re-create the models displayed at Assignment4.html
    Submit your models by displaying snapshots (created using Media Recorder) on a web page in your public_html directory called assgn4.html
  • Develop 3 potential ideas for your Interactive Toy.
  • Print out and Come to class with 'Dave's Phenomenal Maya Cheat Sheet'
    • 'Modeling with Polygons'
    • 'The Animation Menu Set'
    • Read next week's assignment and think of an object you could model. If you have any questions as to the validity of your object choice, bring in your potential object(s) and a TA or the instructor can 'okay' the object.
Week #5In-Class:
  • Maya Continued: Modeling with Polygons
    • Extrusions
    • Normals
    • Making/Filling Holes
    • Smooth and Bevel
    • Subdivisions
    • The Sculpt Tool
  • The Animation Menu Set?
  • Select a small and relatively simple item to model in Maya using only Polygons. Post your Maya model on a web page in your public_html directory and call the page assgn5.html.
  • Bring in the object that you modeled and be prepared to discuss your work with the Instructor/TA in-class.
  • Write an update memo to your Instructor briefly describing your three ideas, which is your favorite and why.
    • Post the memo on assgn5a.html
  • Print out and Come to class with 'Dave's Phenomenal Maya Cheat Sheet'
    • 'Modeling with NURBS'
Week #6In-Class:
  • Maya Continued: Modeling with NURBS
    • Editing Curves
    • Revolve, Loft and Extrude Surfaces
    • Editing Surfaces
    • Inserting isoparms
    • Surface Fillets
    • The Sculpt Tool
  • In-class Modeling exercise critique
  • Take a break. You worked hard. You earned it.
  • Take a look at and begin next week's homework.
Week #7In-Class:
  • Take a break from Maya
  • Design Workshop Part I: Constructive Criticism and Conflict Resolution
    • Engineering Collaboration
    • Evaluation matrixes
    • In-class practice sessions
  • Create a detailed storyboard for your selected final project.
    • Focus on the user interface
    • Be prepared to discuss your idea with your classmates in detail.
    • Include your estimated budget of components.
    • Post your storyboard before class on a web page called assgn6.html
  • Begin creating your Interactive Toy.
  • Print out and Come to class with 'Dave's Phenomenal Maya Cheat Sheet'
    • 'Dave's Illuminating Lighting Guide'
    • 'The Rendering Menu Set'
Week #8In-Class:
  • Return to Maya: Lighting and Rendering
    • Types of Lights
    • Shadows
    • Setting up a Lighting Rig
    • Render Globals...
    • Test and Final Rendering
    • Framing a scene
  • Continue creating your Interactive Toy.
  • Fill out on-line peer evaluations for 10 fellow student's storyboards the night before class.
  • Print out and Come to class with 'Dave's Phenomenal Maya Cheat Sheet'
    • 'Emril's 'Punch It Up A Click' Maya Hypershade Cheat Sheet'
Week #9In-Class:
  • The Grand Finale of Maya: Materials & Texturing
    • Creating and Assigning Materials
    • Material Attributes
    • Mapping Attributes
    • Bump Maps
    • 2D Textures
    • 3D Textures
    • Environmental Textures and Backgrounds
  • In-class Workshop
  • Assign at least one material and texture to your model/scene and render the image out to a .jpeg format.
  • Write an update memo on your project's progress and comment on the peer evaluations you received and any potential problems you see in the future.
    • Post the memo on a web page called assgn8.html
    • Included a rendered image -- not a screenshot -- of your Interactive Toy so far.
Week #10In-Class:
  • Design Workshop: Part II
    • Group / Teamwork activities
    • Trust Activities
  • Continue creating your Interactive Toy.
  • Write an update memo on both the progress of your Interactive Toy and include a budget breakdown. Post it on the web on a page called assgn10.html. The length of the memo should be between 300 and 500 words. Please make sure to include any supporting information needed to justify items that are not specifically listed in the Special Components List.
  • Work on next week's homework, and focus on your modeling.
Week #11In-Class:
  • Presentations in Engineering and Sales
    • How to Sell an Idea.
    • How Technical Should you Get?
    • Stage Presence
    • Professionalism
    • How to Handle your Audience
    • Answers to your update memo questions
    • Constructive criticism revisited
  • Finish a rough draft of your Interactive Toy and post in on the web on a page called assgn12.html. Make this web page into a first draft of your presentation as well, and incorporate any of the necessary storyboard items.
Week #12In-Class:
  • Design Workshop: Part III
    • Examining Engineering Ethics
    • Case Studies Discussion
  • CANCELED!!! -- Use the time to work on your projects. Please show off your projects to your classmates and friends for comments and suggestions.
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Bonus 5 points for submitting your final early. Early Submission Date is Sunday, April 29th at 11:59 PM.
  • To submit early send an e-mail to Dave at ds1046@columbia.edu with your name, CUNIX ID, and your day of class. Please send the e-mail with the subject "Early Submission".
Week #13 In-Class:
  • In-class help session
  • Write your final update memo. Discuss next steps in the design process as if you were going to be handing the project off. Talk about what you liked in the class and voice any final concerns for your project as well.
  • Complete your world-class project and presentation and post in on final.html. Good Luck!!!
  • Final Project Due: Thursday, May 3rd, 11:59 PM