Class Materials

Leonardo and His Flying Machine[zip file][Large download: 324 MB. Application is for Microsoft/ Windows 95]
Leonardo and His Flying Machine [pdf file]
This CD-Rom was developed in conjunction with the course EID-103 – Principles of Design. To show students the importance of the relation of physics, mathematics, engineering science, materials, experiment design, synthesis, and analysis, we have prepared for them a text and CD-ROM on Leonardo da Vinci and his flying machine, where we show that, in spite of all his genius, Leonardo could not succeed. It is an interesting, amusing, yet sobering lesson. In order to reach a wider audience, we have made this CD-Ro, part of an exhibition of Leonardo’s flying machine models built by students at New York City Technical College, under the direction of Professor Razukas. The exhibitions have taken place at the library of the college, and at the Gallery of Brooklyn Union Gas Company at MetroTech in Brooklyn, NY. This last exhibition was featured on Today (Channel 11) and also in the New York Post.

Sketching the Disassemly Process [Real Media file]
In this video a student demonstrates how to disassemble a disk drive and document the entire process through sketching.

Overhead Projections [pdf file]
Dowload overhead projections from the class in printable pdf format.

The Case of the Floppy Disk Drive [pdf file]
This PDF discusses the main points of the Disection Module. It includes drawings of the disk drive as well as teacher student discussion points.