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System Overview

The Web-Based Course Evaluation System (WCES) seeks to give students greater ease and peace of mind in evaluating their classes while allowing for greater flexibility and data integrity from the perspective of the evaluations' administrators. The course feedback gathered through this mechanism should be useful for professors and students alike.

The WCES is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS!! If you have any questions, please email your concerns to

Getting Started

Students. Choose "Complete a Survey" under the students section at the left to evaluate your classes for this semester. Choose "View Survey Results" to see the results of past surveys and to learn more about Columbia's classes and professors.

Professors. Choose "Home" under the professors section at the left to log in to WCES. Once you have logged in you will be able to add custom questions to upcoming surveys and see results of already completed ones. You can edit questions and log in during non-evaluation period.

Help/Tutorial Click here for a short tutorial. Or access the online Documentation and Manual here.

Macintosh Users! By default, Internet Explorer for Macintosh will refuse to connect to our secure site because its certificate was issued by a nonstandard certification authority. You can log on securely using a netscape browser or log on without encryption by clicking here.