The NOK is sexy. It's curvy, brightly colored, and shiny. Every male under 30 will want to be see with one.
The NOK is built to last anything. Hard plastic lined with metal, the case and joystick are screwed together and the screen is scratch resistant.
The NOK is extremely ergonomic. Finger indentations in the joystick, curved buttons which have been slightly raised, a curved chassis, and balanced weight make it very easy to handle.
The NOK will be manufactured in many different colors to target different audiences and to let customers make their NOK a personal statement.
The NOK is a fully interactive gaming system assaulting your sense of sight, touch, and sound. Force feedback motors in the ball of the WingStick make every game immersive!
The NOK is designed to be ultra-portable. The Videotron is small enough to fit into a pocket while the Wingstick can go in a bag. No wires! Play it anywhere and everywhere!
Painstaking detail was paid to make it as functional as possible. For example, every button is both slightly raised and slightly depressed into the main chassis -- this makes it difficult to press buttons - like the on button - while carrying it in a bag.
All of the NOK's wonderful features and technologies combined with its extreme portability, interactive and immersive technologies make it the soon-to-be most sought-after and addictive gaming system on the market! And the price tag doeesn't hurt!