The NOK is the world's first interactive gaming experience. Using advanced technologies like force feedback and wireless technologies it provides an ultra portable, ultra immersive, ultra gaming experience for today's hardcore gamer. Check out what make's the NOK what it is below!

The videotron is the main unit of the NOK system. It provides a sharp, color graphics screen, great audio, and it broadcasts the force feedback information to the wingstick.
The very ergonomic, 3-button wingstick allows you to navig ate your way through NOK games in true 3D. Wanna turn right? Just turn right? Wanna accelerate, just accelerate your wrist forwards. The wingstick opens a whole new level of control and immersion into interactive gaming!
The NOK system is completely wireless. Holding the Videotron unit in one hand, the gamer is allowed complete flexibility with the other hand. This promotes protability, flexibility, and sheer coolness.
As an added bonus, and to increase the social factor, the NOK system can be used for a game laser tag too! The infra red emitter on the Wingstick emits a partially focused beam which can be detected by the Videotron unit which will play different sounds when the NokTag cartridge (sold separately) is inserted.
The color screen of the NOK is a sharp, 768-color LCD pixel screen. This allows for great graphics on the go!
A small MIDI quality speaker provides good sound to go with a great gaming experience.
A headphone jack exists for stereo headphones. Yes, that does mean you can enjoy the sound of machine guns on the bus without fearing for your life.
So you and your buddy can't decide who's better at NOK Descent? Blow up each other! The NOK is equipped with a specially designed multiplayer jack! Just plug in and blow each other up. Better, always keeping in scalability, look for connectivity to your PC and the internet coming soon!
The attention to detail in the NOK is insane. To allow for multiplayer, massive multiplayer, and pc connectivity capabilities, a new kind of plug was invented. RD7 Jacks as they are called will revolutionize gaming and the NOK had it first.
Built into the ball at the bottom of the Wingstick and into the back of the Videotron units are small motors which can shake (never too violently) which make the NOK system even more immersive.
Unlike most portable gaming system - the NOK is allowed to work with multiple interactive games. Want to raise a Tamagotich like creature? Get NOK TAMAGOTCHI. Want to fly through space? Get NOK SPACE-FEATURE! With great graphics, portability, and sound expect many cool games for the NOK system.
While using a built in rechargable battery might make the NOK sleeker and smaller, it would drastically reducing gaming time. The NOK is intentionally designed to use two Double A batteries and provide almost 20 hours of gaming!