3 speakers600
3 voice chips150
3 light sensors150
3 acceleration sensors600
3 temperature sensors60
3 toy link-ups1050

     The creation of my interactive silverware set has gone through several changes as its implementation into reality molds its process. In this memo I will discuss the problems I ran into while further creating my toys and the budget restrictions. I've found that many problems cannot be realistically solved by concept alone, such as size and weight, without receiving more information about the components. Therefore, I must in this conceptual creation of my toy take the liberty to assume component will fit in the space allotted and weight will not be over excessive.

     The budget restriction of 3400 credits has not seriously hindered the creation of my interactive silverware set. But, there are some issues that may be important to address in order to maximize the potential of the set to sell. Ideally, the set should include three sets of speakers, light sensors, acceleration sensors, temperature sensors, voice chips, and toy link-ups. These three sets would place the cost of the whole set at 2610 credits. Although this price is under the restricted amount, we may considered adding and removing components and features according to demand. Many people would not spend $50 on silverware sets, therefore price is a very important factor of the sets. This factor is very important to my product, but I will simply pursue to create the most intensive silverware set because I do not know the economics of the situation.

     In conclusion, the planning of my silverware set has not seriously been changed. I have not run into any fundamental problems in the creation of my toy and do not foresee any future problems. I believe that this toy will be able to be created and implemented rather quickly and do quite well in the market.