As the interactive silverware set began to be implemented into a more realistic approach, I found some problems in each set that I failed to mention in the storyboard. The cup in the interactive silverware set will have a logo/character on the cup that will protrude. This protrusion will be due to the need for the components within the cup. The character on the cup will be created in a 3-D fashion that will be hollow. This hollow space will provide the space for each component. The design of the fork and spoon are fundamentally the same. The end of each fork and spoon will also contain the components. The hollow space for the components will be provided by a hollow 3-D figure of the character at the end of the silverware. Through this method of creating space, I am able to provide the space for many of the components that are needed.

     The interactive silverware set appears to be conceptually sound and quite easy to produce. The potential for success in the market seems to be undeniable. The interactive silverware can teach children to use utensils while entertaining them as well. The interactive silverware set idea is a simiple and unique toy that may prove to be lots of fun.

I want to thank Dave Schneider for teaching me the skills to make this project possible. He has taught us all how to render in maya and code in HTML format. This whole website would not be possible with his help and with the help of the TA's. THANK YOU.